Outsourcing Accounting Services


Our accounting services assist companies in complying with financial reporting requirements in Vietnam. JL&partners provides comprehensive accounting services so that business leaders like you can focus on developing strategies to grow your business.

With so many transactions taking place daily and a lot of accounts to manage, it will be time and energy-consuming if you have to deal with it every day. The perfect solution for this is to outsource your accounting.


Several advantages go hand in hand with outsourcing accounting services in Vietnam. Furthermore, you will:

  • Let an experienced and skilled team of accountants handle all your transactions and accounts
  • Maximize your resources to come up with the most brilliant ideas and implement them
  • Stay ahead of your competitors and win the Vietnamese market
  • Save time and focus on what is important: your business.

With JL&partners, you will be fully assisted by our professionals who are based in Vietnam. Our complex services can lessen the overall burden of expanding your company or growing your business in Vietnam.


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1. Financial Invoice Registration

You are not sure about how to register your financial invoices with the tax office in Vietnam? We have got it covered. You will need what is called Red Invoice, as this is required to undertake commercial activities, including selling goods and services, importing foreign goods and exporting goods to non-tariff zones.

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2. Bookkeeping

You do not have to worry about accounting transactions made during your business activities. Every single transaction is recorded with either an accounting software or excel spreadsheet, we let you choose.

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3. Financial Statements Reporting

Tailored to your needs, our accountants may review your financial statements, such as an income statement, cash flow or a balance sheet, quarterly and finally submit the statements to the tax office for reporting at the end of the year

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4. Ledger Accounts Maintenance

Depending on your preference, we can help you maintain your ledger accounts by using software provided by your company. Or, we can always manage the accounts by paper. We will do the printing and filling to folder them.

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5. Accounting Software Implementation

If your company has an accounting software, we would be happy to use the software for your business’ accounting needs. If you do not have one, we offer the use of accounting software created by MISA, a leading software company in Vietnam.

Why taking care of accounting yourself when you can save time, money, and energy through outsourcing?
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